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Doo Holding Group Limited, established in Hong Kong in 2014, is a comprehensive Financial Services Group with Financial Technology as its core.

Doo Group operates branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and Taiwan, with several well-known sub-brands such as Doo Tech, Doo Prime, Doo Clearing, and Doo Intelligence.

Doo Group devotes to providing global retail customers and institutional clients with quality, comprehensive and diversified solutions.

Doo Tech mainly provides CRM System, Social Trading System, Financial Cloud Server, MT4 / MT5 Hosting Service, Liquidity Connecting Service.

Doo Prime and Doo Clearing, respectively, for retail and institutional clients, provide Forex Trading Service and Institutional Liquidity Clearing Services.

Doo Intelligence mainly provides Financial Regulatory License Application and Compliance Services.

Doo Group uphold the creed that, Employees as the base, Customer as the core, Market as the direction, and Compliance as the principles, which is committed to creating the leading Financial Service Brand in the world.


Doo Holding Group Limited 於 2014 年在香港成立,是一家以金融科技為核心的綜合金融服務集團。

Doo 集團在香港,新加坡,英國和台灣設有分支機構,擁有多個知名子品牌,如 Doo Tech,Doo Prime,Doo Clearing 和 Doo Intelligence。

Doo Group 致力於為全球零售客戶和機構客戶提供優質,全面和多元化的解決方案。

Doo Tech 主要提供 CRM 系統,社交交易系統,金融雲服務器,MT4 / MT5託管服務,流動性連接服務。

Doo Prime 和 Doo Clearing 分別為零售和機構客戶提供外匯交易服務和機構流動性清算服務。

Doo Intelligence 主要提供金融監管許可申請和合規服務。

Doo 集團堅持以員工為基礎,以客戶為核心,以市場為導向,以合規為原則,致力於打造世界領先金融服務品牌的信條。